Endocrine System balance
Are you feeling stressed and unable to cope with everyday responsibilities? Do you feel tired and exhausted all the time, unable to focus on your tasks? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep or you frequently wake up or suffer from insomnia? Are you overeating and find it difficult to maintain a healthy weight? Do you feel weak and constantly catching colds? Do you suffer from painful or irregular periods?
When we are under stress, our digestive system shuts down and the immune system is put on hold so that our body can work in favour of pumping more blood and oxygen into our muscles getting us ready for the fight or flight response. This type of response is useful and lifesaving if we were chased by a sabre-tooth tiger and would be natural if it lasts while we overcome the danger. In everyday life, being under constant stress is perceived by the body as a constant danger and this creates a whole cascade of imbalances.
​Have your overall glandular system checked and balanced: hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, parathyroid, thyroid, thymus, adrenal, spleen, pancreas, gonads and ovaries. We are able to determine any imbalances before they show up on a blood test. Have them balanced before they become a more serious illness.
We will support you with a full treatment of a specific set of lymphatic and acupuncture massages and work on the energy meridians that will reactivate and rebalance all the glands. We will suggest a range of necessary nutritional supplements that the body can use as tools to heal itself. We will deal with any emotional blockages and suggest Bach Remedies to dissolve these emotions.
Many people report an increase of energy and clearness of mind after this treatment, they feel more positive in their thinking and see a decrease of any unwanted symptoms. Sometimes people feel more relaxed and drowsy which indicates a response from their body that it gets to its natural state which requires more rest. 

This is usually a 60-90 min treatment.

All the supplements, nutrition and herbs that show up during the treatment are unique for your specific needs, they will be charged separately and ordered at the end of the session. 

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