Kinesiology looks at the person as a whole. There are 4 major aspects of health on which kinesiology is based: physical, bio-chemical, mental and energy. If one or more of these are disturbed it may cause imbalance which may be manifested as a phisical discomfort, pain and even dis-ease. 

- The Physical state of the body is determined by the structure, bones, muscles, posture, use, rest, sleep etc. 
Any discomfort in the body is physical manifestation of an imbalance.
During the treatment we use muscle testing to determine where health issues stem from and how to balance them. We use specific lymphatic massages to increase the flow of lymph in the area that needs rebalancing. We also use several techniques that can rebalance physical injuries on any part of the body. 
 We will also suggest making some life changes like improving the quality and amount of sleep, rest, exercise etc.
- The bio- h emical  state relates to the quality of food and air, exposure to toxins, pollution, chemicals etc.
To achieve chemical balance we need to uncover and remove the negative factors from the body, and introduce beneficial foods and supplements needed for the body to heal. 
During the treatment this is done by muscle testing. We find appropriate nutrition by placing the food or the supplement on our body and the muscle strength will clearly indicate what is and what is not beneficial for our body.
-The  Mental state relates to thinking, reasoning, feeling, emotions and spirit.
Every thought has a specific energy charge that affects the body.
Try to observe the effects that positive and negative thoughts have on your body. Do they change the sensations?
During the treatment, the emotional factors are assessed by various techniques, such as: emotional stress release, reprograming negative belief patterns, fundamental conflict resolution, addressing past and present traumas etc. We also use Bach Flower Remedies which are very powerful in dissolving negative and harmful emotions. 

- The Energetic state relates to the life force - also called Chi or Prana, acupuncture meridians, aura etc. This energy has to flow freely through our body for optimum efficiency. A blockage in any part of our body creates resistance to this vital flow of energy. 
During the treatment we can remove these blockages and re-establish a continuous energy flow by flushing the energy meridians, holding acupuncture points, rebalancing the chakras etc.
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