Physical pain
Are you suffering from an acute or chronic physical pain? Have you had an injury? Have you tried everything and the pain simply doesn't go away?
Body pains are sometimes a result of an injury and therefore have a physical nature, but sometimes they can be related to stress or lack of appropriate nutrition that the body needs as a tool for it to heal.
Kinesiology can be truly amazing in treating physical pains, because we look at the body as a whole. And very often the problem is where the symptoms are not presenting. For example if you find it difficult to walk up the stairs and your quadriceps is in pain causing knee pain, this can be related to your small intestine.
During the treatment we look at the problem areas and test all the muscles that are related. Then we balance the weak muscle(s) physically, energetically, nutritionally and emotionally. 
All the supplements, nutrition and herbs that show up during the treatment are unique for your specific needs, they will be charged separately and ordered at the end of the session. 
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